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October 24, 2009
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Yagami Family by Andarion Yagami Family by Andarion
Huhu I've been reading Nanoha A's and Nanoha StrikerS mangas and I kinda felt like paying a tribute to the Yagami Family. What started off as a tragic and dangerous incident, ended in one of the sweetest ways knows to humanity ^^ Of course I included Agito as well, since she is already a full-fledged member of this family ^^
Hmm... now that I look at Nanoha and her friends at the end of StrikerS (and beginning of Vivid) I think that Nanoha is slowly accumulating her own small but powerful army XD
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Best pun ever.
cool Hayate is my most favourite caricter you did so good
Armorarity Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thor is one of the oldest known examples of large hammer wielders, but Vita can go up and thrash that pansy because she perfected it.

Coincidentally, I also learned of the series through TVTropes... through the Defeat Means Friendship article. Sadly I haven't been able to find a good site to watch it, especially before my computer stopped playing videos effectively. Because it looked really, really awesome.
true vita have the biggest hammer, but size isn't everything.
[smiles fondly] I found out about Nanoha via Tvtropes as well. I think the thing that really caught my attention was Mama Bear entry about Nanoha and Fate adopting Vivio. Still I got curious and grabbed the first season, it felt a bit... Wrong to watch lolis and the transformation sequences but the father I got the better it was. I'm so grateful to Tvtropes ^^
Well... you could grab some torrents... try on BakaBt
Armorarity Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, tropes mentioned something in their YMMV about the premise coming off like that, but showed that it was far from that soon in. The other thing that got me interested in the franchise was the image for Oh Crap trope page (well, it is for the anime part now). In fact, I actually found your deviantart page through tropes displaying a link here through image links.

Friend request via Wave Motion Gun has to be the most awesome way to make friends, especially with the high rate of success.
Yeah fanservice aside it's a really good series and a fun play on the whole Magical Girl franchise. Hehe Oh Crap entry, yes I remember that one fondly, and once you watch the series you will think of that picture fondly too ^^
There is a link to my pictures on Tvtropes. I'm famous! XD

Indeed, Nanoha shows no mercy she will befriend you into the hospital XD
Armorarity Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it's in the image collection for Badass Adorable (or was it Cute Bruiser).

Yeah, from what I am seeing, the only other magical girl that comes close to ridiculous use of firepower is Homura Akemi from PMMM, but it's tricky comparing time stopping and vast swathes of military ordinance (all to nice Faustian undertones) to Nanoha's befriending arsenal.

Although those are the only two in the Magical Girl genre that I like the most due to their unique trope use (you can see TvTropes wrecked my vocabulary a bit).

Her attacks could be named "Badassery Aptitude Test" and not be out of place.
Ah indeed... I feel kinda honored that my posters got there...

Well we all know that Homura wants to shoot Madoka with her love XD Repeatedly and like a fist of an angry God (reference to certain sexual activity unintended). Not sure if you are familiar with the franchise but Homura is a kinda/sorta expy of Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero. Both are depressed-looking combat pragmatists that make great use of modern day weaponry and can manipulate time. Both also have ideals that lead to their own destruction.

Yes both series are far removed from typical Mahou Shoujo. Nanoha focuses on catching the attention of older, male viewers while PMMM is a very grim deconstruction of Magical Girl genre...

Indeed you can only survive them if you are badass enough, if you are Worthy of being her slave XD
And oddly enough, the only characters to die in the first two Nanoha series were the most powerful in each one.
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